Terms and conditions

By joining the Brunel Buddies Scheme you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions of use:

  • The Brunel Buddy scheme is a mentoring service offered by Brunel University London. The service is operated and managed by Brunel Volunteers.
  • The Brunel Volunteers team will provide on-going support for Brunel Buddies and their new students for the duration of the Brunel Buddies Scheme. This support includes: recording details of Brunel Buddies/New Student meetings, providing signposting assistance to Brunel University London services, issuing coffee vouchers and collating feedback from participants of Brunel Buddies.
  • The scheme supports new students at Brunel University London for the first six weeks of term. An optional two weeks of additional support can be arranged if required and agreed via Brunel Volunteers.
  • New students will be matched to a Brunel Buddy by course, gender or mature student (over 21years) status.
  • Once a match has been made Brunel Buddies and new students will receive a confirmation email and details of how to contact and correspond with each other.
  • Brunel Buddies will not provide academic support for new students. This should be accessed via the appropriate student support service – Academic Skills (ASK), Personal Tutor, Course Tutor and Peer Assisted Learning (PAL).
  • All participants of the Brunel Buddies Scheme are required to adhere to Brunel University London polices and the Code of Conduct for Behaviour. Details of which can be found at: www.brunel.ac.uk/about/quality-assurance/documents/pdf/Code-of-Conduct.pdf
  • Brunel Buddies and new students agree to treat each other equally, fairly and with respect. Neither party should be discriminated against. Any identification of this could lead to withdrawal from the scheme.
  • Brunel Buddy and new student meetings must take place in a public space and at mutually agreed dates and times.
  • It is prohibited to engage in physical or inappropriate emotional relationships with participants of the Brunel Buddies scheme during the duration of the scheme.
  • Should a Brunel Buddy or new student wish to withdraw from the scheme please notify the Brunel Volunteers team immediately via email to: buddies@brunel.ac.uk

Privacy Notice

  • Brunel Buddies is a mentoring service offered by Brunel Volunteers – Brunel University London - www.brunel.ac.uk/about/contact-us and is a voluntary activity.
  • Information provided by existing Brunel University London students (Buddies) and new Brunel University London students will be used solely for the purposes of the Brunel Buddies scheme.
  • Registering and providing the information for the Brunel Buddies scheme is a requirement for participation.
  • Personal information provided by all applicants and additional information which relates to student course details, gender or mature student status will be used solely to match students for mentoring purposes and for monitoring/evaluation.
  • Information submitted will accessed solely by the Brunel Buddies scheme co-ordinators – Brunel Volunteers. buddies@brunel.ac.uk
  • All information gathered will remain within the UK and be stored for a period of three years to monitor and evaluate the delivery of the Brunel Buddies scheme.
  • Brunel Buddies and new students have the right to request access to any information recorded about them and request clarification, erasure and portability of data. This can be obtained by contacting Mary Liddell via email: data-protection@brunel.ac.uk
  • For further information on what the University does with your personal data please visit: www.brunel.ac.uk/about/administration/information-access/data-protection or email Mary Liddell – data-protection@brunel.ac.uk
  • Any information shared between a Brunel Buddy and their new student(s) must remain confidential. Confidentiality may be broken if a concern arises that becomes a risk to the new student or to others. Where this is identified information will be passed to the relevant support service and department within Brunel University London.
  • Brunel Buddies are required to provide regular feedback of Buddy meetings with new students to the Brunel Volunteers team in person or via email to: buddies@brunel.ac.uk

March 2018.